30 October 2009

Last Song You'll Ever Sing

So there I was. Minding my own business driving my 40 miles home from work when I realized what I was listening to on my ipod. It was Paramore, a band that is okay, but not great. Suddenly I was struck with a few lyrics that I just had to share:

Everybody sing like it's the last song you will ever sing,
Everybody live like it's the last day you will ever see.

I know it's not anything new, but today it struck me more than it ever has. I guess it's because lately life has been "very interesting." I feel like I'm barely living day to day, sometimes it seems like week to week, and the days are just mushed into one. Not that it's boring, there are plenty of struggles, but I seem to just go on doing the same thing I have been doing. And I'm getting the same thing I always get. One more line from the same Paramore song:

We were born for this...

We really were born for this. For being here and living, for learning and loving each day as it comes. We will constantly have our challenges. Sometimes I think I will drown in mine. Sometimes they seem to overtake me. But life goes on. We need to figure out how to change what we are doing in such a way that we get things in life that are better for us. Moving forward is sometimes a huge challenge because we avoid change, even if it might be good for us.

It is time to step out. Time to reach to new places. Places higher, not lower or equal. Time to change for the better. Time to sing, like it's the last song you will ever sing. Try it in your car next time. I know I will in the morning (or later this morning.) It's time to live, live like it's the last day you will ever see. Tell people you love them. Let people know when you appreciate them, and be patient with those you aren't appreciative of. This is what we were born for. To live life and to enjoy life and to learn and grow.

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