20 June 2009

Red and Spicy

Been 5 months since I posted. A lot of craziness has ensued of course. Life in general is like that isn't it. It seem so much a blur. I really wish I had stopped more often and enjoyed the last few months. Work has been crazy. The last 2 releases have been double releases and ahead of schedule. The yard work has been phenomenal, of course our yard looks great and that is always worth it. The roses are in perfect shape now, it only took 2 years to heal 10 years of neglect from previous owners. We finally got a vegetable garden planted this year, and I have radishes! I love radishes. I have been plucking them from the ground the last few weeks and eating them. The last batch I had 4 the size of golf balls. They were fantastic.
We have flowers galore in our yard and potatoes and tomatoes and squash, but me, I'm a radish guy. Radishes are fun, you never know how hot they might be when you bite into them. And they taste great with salt, which any CF'er knows we need a lot of. Some people they might tell you, "Slow down, smell the roses once in a while." But not me. I'm all about the radishes. Give me something a little spicy, a little unpredictable... that is real life.