29 April 2008

The Wise Man Built His House Upon...

OK folks, here is the stuff you have been waiting for. The completed kitchen. Please ignore the lack of paint in some places, that is my fault. You will notice a lot of stone. Granite counter tops, Travertine floor and back splash and window sill. We love it!!!!

This is the beautiful window.

This is angle 1.

This is angle 2.

10 April 2008

Life Lesson at the Hardware Store

So there I am in the middle of life. Ya know crazy, running around. And right now its even worse than usual. JG and I are remodeling our kitchen. The house is in shambles. There is dust everywhere. And I was looking at appliances at the local big box. I took my camera so that I could show JG what I had found and get her opinion without her having to go. Her work is extremely busy right now, and I figured she may not get to see it if I didn't take pictures.
Who would have thought I would run across this kind of saying. I know that at first you read the English "Look inside" but that is not what I was talking about. Although the English is true and profound, I was looking at the Spanish. I remembered the words, even from my High School Spanish class. "open the door", or literally "the open door."
We all have so many opportunities. Sometimes for really profound things, sometimes for simple things. I've been thinking about this since one of our neighbors died this week. He was 98, 10 days from 99 actually when he died. JG and I were drawn to him for some reason. We would sit with him at church and talk to him when we could. I would always come into church and JG would poke me and say, "Go say hi to Harold." Now, I don't know if he cared or not, but he would always smile and talk to me for a minute. The last time we saw him at church he was asked to stand up and talk about his favorite church song. He got up and spoke while we were sitting there next to him. He was so strong and powerful. He brought JG to tears. 3 weeks later he is gone and returned to our Heavenly Father. I know that he is happy.
I hope that I continue to open the doors, and also walk through those doors that are already open. And I am very glad that JG pokes me through some also.


Less serious note. Here is our kitchen in shambles.