06 September 2006

Married to Jennifer Garner

Sorry for the lack of posting, we've been out of town for a couple of weekends. But I wrote some updates on paper and should be able to get them up this weekend. Watch for Playing Dad and the Spoon Theory coming soon to this blog.
So for more than 9 years now I have been married to Jennifer Garner. Ok so not really Jennifer Garner, but if you want to know what my wife looks like it is definitely Jennifer Garner. More the 13 going on 30 than the Alias JG, but still her. It's not just me either, strangers in the mall and the grocery store will tell her this as we walk down the aisle. My wife likes this, obviously she thinks Jennifer Garner is cute and sweet and it feels like a compliment to her.
Whatever you do, please do not make the assumption that she looks like Hilary Swank. My wife doesn't really like HS, the last time someone told her that, she was very polite, but once out of ear shot she told me she thinks HS is ugly and she doesn't think she looks anything like her.
So if you see my wife, remember she looks like JG not HS. You could even say Julia Roberts, that is who I think she looks like if anyone. This is acceptable to her, and I once toyed with the idea of calling her pretty woman, but I don't think that movie is very complimentary to the female species, so I have decided against it.
Soooo, you ask, why are you telling me this. Well, in keeping with my "anonymity" theme on the blog here for now, I will refer to my wife as Jennifer or Jennifer Garner or just JG since that is way less typing.
I also wanted to express the fact that this woman has saved my life. I definitely would not have survived so long with CF without someone by my side. She has been through the hard times, when she had to put in our new yard all by herself. And through the good times... Which I think is right now when I have time to take care of the yard mostly and have dinner ready for her when she gets home from work (she works 10 hr days.) And when we have the time and money to do the things that we think are important.
Before we were married she only had one desire, one thing that she prayed for pretty exclusively. Not that I would live long or we would be rich, but that we would be able to have great memories. I hope that she has gotten her prayer answered. I know that I have wonderful, amazing memories with her. I wouldn't trade her for anyone. She is the most passionate and compassionate person I know.
I plan on many more years of memory making with her.