25 May 2010

Things You Never Want to See When You are in the Hospital

Forgive me for the number of pics in this post. But these are a few things you don't want to see when you are in the hospital. These are in no particular order but all have happened in the last 2 weeks while I sat in my box.

First on the list - Snow
Nobody wants to see snow in May, especially the last part of May. Luckily JG was already at work when it started, and by the afternoon it had melted away.

Next - Happy Birthday Banners
Spending your birthday in the hospital is one of the lamest ways to spend a birthday. This isn't my first birthday in the hospital and probably won't be my last, but I hope it is a while before I have to do it again. Although I must say that JG did make it as fun as possible by decorating the room and putting up the banners. She also picked up cupcakes from So Cupcake for me to hand out to anyone who came into my room.
Yummiest cupcakes ever!

Last but definitely not least - Tree Damage
Yep that May snow storm turned to heavy snow/ice in the cold rain that followed. It broke 1/3 of a very large tree in our yard and it fell on our telephone line. Luckily it didn't break, and luckily it wasn't the power line. There was other branches broken as well.

17 May 2010

Judgment Day is Coming

So I was lounging in the hospital today taking deep breaths. Ya know all less than 1 liter breaths I can take. And I decided that Judgment is coming. Yep sooner than we all think. It's always that way. And when we are all milling about in heaven, God's gonna be calling out names and doing interviews. And then I have requested that he pass ya'll on to me. Yep, I have some of my own questions for everyone. Ok really just one question. With all that air, why were you not running from place to place with abandon? How much TV did ya'll watch instead of hiking or fishing or maybe working in the yard? One day, it may be a while, but one day I'm gonna find out what it is like to have good lungs, plenty of air, easy breathing. When that time comes ya'll better be ready to answer some questions...

12 May 2010

Making Juice

So that's all I've had today, how about ya'll? Yep cranberry juice so far. Can the hospital process be any slower? Here I have sat for 5 hours. I have a room, but for some reason no doctor and no orders yet. JG was right, I should have waited at home and come in during the evening. It seems that nothing gets done on the first day. I could have grown the cranberries and made my own juice by now...