22 March 2007

There's a Yellow Rose...

Well, we had a great time in Texas with the family. Brought back some unexpected items. But all in all it was a great trip.
This is basically what we did each day:
1- Get up late... you know I love this. Also awakening to my cute little 3 yo niece singing in the next room... not much better than that.
2- Go somewhere cool.
3- Do something fun.
4- Eat good food.
5- Relax for the afternoon.
6- Eat good food again.
7- Go to bed.
This is possibly the greatest scheduled vacation ever, since I am a lazy slob.
So the unexpected items we returned with:
- A brand new shiny pair of boots, for me.
- A cold... ugh.
I am feeling better today than I have for about a week, but I am coughing up junk that shouldn't be in anyone's body. We had a great time we saw the cattle drive in Fort Worth, and the animal reserve called Fossil Rim, in Glen Rose TX.
Also, we delayed our departure by 8 hours and got $1200 in "incentives" from the airlines... Yee Haw!
Funny I didn't see any yellow roses though.

15 March 2007

A Taste of the Good Life

Ok, I'm sorry the title is a bit misleading. What I meant was a taste of the CF life.
Lauren, a 27 year old woman with CF writes a wonderful blog that I read frequently. She recently spoke at the CF Foundation spring Gala, her talk is a true look at life with CF. You can go read it here.
Also, you should support her Great Strides team, here.

Lauren and I became friends when I started blogging and looking for other CF bloggers. She has been a CF spokesperson for some time now and has a great blog that you can read up on. I also have a link to it on the sidebar here on my page.
Thanks to Lauren for spreading the awareness.