29 December 2007

Fresh New Face!

So I walk into the beatiful new place. Large spacious room, full size sofa, brand new flat screen TV, DVD player, gigantic 6' by 6' picture window facing the smaller of the 2 Utah mountain ranges (although still not so small.)

So I think to myself, "Wow this is a nice place.... I hope some of my respiratory therapists(RTs) have come over from the old hospital."

Isn't that amazing. When the engineers build the rooms and the company decided to spring for the flat screen TV's, and in all when they spent over 550 Million dollars on this medical complex... do you think that is what they wanted me as a patient to have as my first thought?

Truth be told I was worried. At my first hospital I spent 10 years as a child training people to do things my way. See I didn't go to the CF Clinic at the University Hospital like most kids with CF. No I had my own Pulmonologist. I had a person I considered a friend taking care of me. Considering all the time we spent together and all the things we talked about thats how I viewed my first doc. He understood me. He realized that some things were scary for a kid in the hospital. I went to a children's hospital, which was perfect since back then I was a child.
It took me a few years to realize who I liked to be my nurses and my RTs. The ones I trusted and enjoyed company from. As a person with CF you spend a generous amount of time with RTs. For my 5 times a day treatments, thats more time than I spent with nurses.

My second (adult) doc who I interviewed from a list of 4, is very similar in nature to my first one. He understands that I have to run my own care in order to survive. He listens and we decide what's best for me together.

When he told me he was finished with regular clinic but he still was going to see me and his 3 other CF patients and one asthma patient exclusively, I knew we had reached a new level of care. Then recently he took a promotion to Chief of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine for the main trauma center here in Utah. But he would still be seeing his CF patients and one asthma patient. But we would have to go to the new hospital and the new clinic he had.
Well clinic is fine I rarely see him there. I'm more of an e-mail doctor visit kinda guy, but new hospital made me a little nervous.

So jump to 2 weeks before christmas. I decide I need to go in. We set it up. And I arrive as scheduled at the new hospital. The picture above is from sitting on my bed looking out the window.

Its a fantastic structure, but honestly it could be a shack with O2 running to each room for all I care. No matter how cool the stuff is or how big the window is, it's the people that make the difference. I know that the engineers and the administration didn't really think about that when they built it, but hopefully they will ask and I can tell them.

So how did it turn out? Well I got all new nurses. The nurses that I used to see were on a different floor. But luckily I had all my old pals from the respiratory department. I can retrain the nurses easily... basically "Don't bug me unless I have an IV due or a meal." They were wonderful and very professional. But I was so glad to see my old crowd of RTs. When coming to a new place and a new floor, it was such a relief to have those familiar faces knocking on my door every 4 hours (except between 10pm and 6am) to visit me.

I hope the administration knows that its the people that I love and they are the ones who make the difference when I am stuck staring at 4 walls for 10-12 days. Not that the large flat screen TV's are bad... ;)