20 April 2007

Moving... ugh!
Well it is almost complete. We have packed up our life... thrown a bunch away, and moved it to a new location. It all started on a magical morning when my wife called and said, "I think it's time to talk to a Realtor". Since that statement we have been on a stressful ride. We found a place we loved. Not sure why we loved it, but it was the right place. I felt it then and I still feel it now. Although now it is mine I see a lot more of the weaknesses than anything else.
It is a good house. It is solid and well built. The problems are really just superficial, but they can get overwhelming sometimes. Luckily I know that this time I can do it. When we built our first house I was so sick. I couldn't do anything to help. My friends and family built the yard and the extra room in the basement. And of course my wife, well, she was known as the man of the house, because she was hanging out with all the guys outside working on the yard. She was buff, and still is. This time though she won't have to do it alone. Not only am I more healthy, we are in a better financial situation. So I will be hiring anything I can't do. Which at this point is: central air, shrub removal, lawn care, new siding on the house, kitchen remodel... really everything.
Soon this home will shine like new. Oh did I mention it is 60 years old. Yep, I traded my 1999 home in for a 1948 house. It has character though.
Joyce Maynard had it right when she said "A good home must be made, not bought." One thing I know for sure. In the next 6 months we are going to make this place our home. It will be the best place in the world because my wife is there with me, and we will make it our place, just like we did with our first home. After that, I can say, we bought a new "home". Until then we are just moving.
p.s. Please don't ask how I know Joyce Maynard's work... thx. ;)