29 July 2007

Please Wait Until the Ride Has Come to a Complete Stop

So, been a month and a half now of craziness.
Let me explain... no, too much, let me sum up (name that movie.)
Lots of family visiting. Big party in our, "completely not ready" backyard. Very tired need a break.
So I got one. And now I am back.
Also I noticed I started my blog about 1 year ago. I remember this because I remember writing Slowly Slowing Down which detailed one of my favorite pastimes that I can no longer participate.
I am hoping to go to the lake in a few days and it will be my first trip without skiing. This will be the true test to see whether I can stick to my guns. I don't think I will even try. It has nearly killed me too many times in the recent past so I will get in the water but no high speeds at all.
As I stated before it is frustrating to have to limit activities. Another annoying issue I have been thinking about is the fact that I would love to take this job with a contract company that does work for the DOD. It has been a long time dream of mine to be a civil servant in DOD since I couldn't do anything military. Unfortunately I have to look at all the aspects, insurance, longevity, etc. If I was not unhealthy I could easily just hop from job to job not worrying about those things.
Not sure what I am going to do, the insurance from the company is terrible and does not cover my doctor or my hospital. I explained this to the fantastic guy I interviewed with, and thanked him for his time. ... one dream job down the tube.
He said he wasn't going to give up and he was going to check into some things to see if he could get some different insurance for me. That would be amazing, and I am worth it. But I bet that there is nothing he can do.

I wonder if sometimes we limit ourselves too much in some things and not enough in others?