06 February 2012


We were frequently called twins she and I. When together we looked it. But it was only on the outside. She had it much worse on many things. Both of us were brought up by grandma to a large degree. We spent so much time there that we frequently fought like siblings.
She was quieter and nicer than I was. But we had a bond that didn't require the same mother. When you share the same struggles it is easy to bond.
I was not able to see her in the hospital that much because you had to be over 14 to visit (I was only 9-12 when she was in the hospital.) Funny for a children's hospital to restrict the age of visitors. She made many friends in her short life and was always raising awareness. When I arrived at the hospital it was already prepared for me. Sadly we never were able to terrorize together. My first time in was just a few months after she died.
I got to see her in her last hours. It was good. She was very peaceful. I got to say goodbye and we shared a moment that no one even knows about. That kind of moment that only twins can have. Knowing that she was heading out before me I knew that she would be looking out for me. She has always been there. Even now I can think of her and I know that she is there bringing me strength, reminding me that the fight isn't just for me, but for others as well.
Happy 37th!

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