17 May 2010

Judgment Day is Coming

So I was lounging in the hospital today taking deep breaths. Ya know all less than 1 liter breaths I can take. And I decided that Judgment is coming. Yep sooner than we all think. It's always that way. And when we are all milling about in heaven, God's gonna be calling out names and doing interviews. And then I have requested that he pass ya'll on to me. Yep, I have some of my own questions for everyone. Ok really just one question. With all that air, why were you not running from place to place with abandon? How much TV did ya'll watch instead of hiking or fishing or maybe working in the yard? One day, it may be a while, but one day I'm gonna find out what it is like to have good lungs, plenty of air, easy breathing. When that time comes ya'll better be ready to answer some questions...

1 comment:

Jamie said...

You must have finally got more than just some juice huh?

I am with you. I know too many people who don't take advantage of all the things life can offer us. It's quite amazing to people around us CFers when they see us do more with less.

I really hope all is well. This post does make me worry about you. Keep in touch!