17 February 2010

And Suddenly There it is...

When Ostriches Attack

Let's just watch the image for a minute... Wait for it... wait for it...

Yep sometimes life can sneak up on ya. Just like an ostrich at a wildlife preserve. I recently had a nice stay in the hospital and sadly it was only 4 months since my last one. I realized that life had suddenly caught up to me. Being nearly 35 years old and having only 25% of my lungs. Things caught up real quick. I really like the way my friend Lauren put it:

"Imagine for a moment that you are trapped in a room that is slowly emptying of breathable air. You feel as though a weight is pressing upon your chest; no matter how panicked you become, you can’t even summon enough breath to cry out for help. You try to hold as still as possible, knowing that every additional movement robs you of your precious and rapidly diminishing energy supply. That’s what pneumonia feels like to someone with cystic fibrosis."
-- Lauren Beyenhof, 1980-2009

With that kind of wake up I realized it was time to step it up. I apparently needed to do more to keep my status quo on health. So I came up with an idea... walking. I know, I know it sounds simple, and honestly it is. I always criticized people who didn't exercise. "You just gotta make time" I would say. Apparently it is harder than I thought to do that. Man you'd think you could get away for 45-50 minutes without a problem each day. But no, the elements and people combine against me. In the hospital I was doing every day, now that I am out it is a struggle to get 3 days a week in. Life just happens that way sometimes. But I am committed to 3 days a week, no matter what that means. Eventually I hope to be able to actually run. But it takes time to condition your body to run on such low amounts of lung capacity. But I have patience. Maybe I should tell you what I think about patience also:
"Patience is easy for those of us that don't have long to wait."
That's my own little bit of wisdom for today. Now get out there and exercise, if I can anyone can.


Jamie said...

"You can do it!" :) I am seriously amazed at how well you're doing at 25%.

wandering nana said...

I appreciate your example. I needed something to get me going. Thanks for sharing. Glad you are doing better. We love you.