20 October 2008

Looks Like We Made it

Summer is finally over. I know that sounds terrible, but it will be nice to get to the snow shoveling and know what I am up against.
So I haven't posted since the last hospital stay when my port died, and honestly I have been worried about it since then. You just never know what complications your gonna have when you have surgery. Luckily its all done now in the Angio lab with local and drugs. It honestly wasn't so bad. It looks bad but the bruising will heal.
So since I have neglected I thought I would post some info about this summer. It has been busy with lots of family visiting and even a few trips. So first lets establish this. Here is Jack the dog, my dog, he looks close to how I feel right now.

The stuffed dog next to him is his faithful playmate, although at 12 years old (72+ in dog years) he doesn't get a whole lot of use, except as a pillow.
So the 4th of July came and went. We had some visitors for most of the month of July... enough that at one point I had a large tent up in backyard for some people since there was no room in the inn. JG always has great decorations as seen below, we also had the yard lights up. Small Christmas lights we string from the house to trees in back 4-5 times across the yard.
It can be very nice to sit out in the summer air and look at the lights while relaxing in the hammock.

That is one thing I didn't do enough of this summer is sit in the hammock. It kinda feels like I was running all summer, hence I feel like Jack the dog looks.
During the visits we did have time for some pool fun. It was just deep enough that I had to get in with the 18 month old nephew to keep him a float.

We visited some local gardens, which are beautiful, they had this great gazebo which I took a bunch of pictures of. They seemed to need a little contrast to me.

Along the way I felt like I didn't stop and enjoy the moments enough. Sometimes it was just shoving as much into the day as I could. Although we had many wonderful flowers this year that Costco assured us would not grow, yet they grew anyway.

The greatest lesson learned this summer. Skip and jump as much as possible, it will keep you young.


wandering nana said...

Fantastic pictures. Loved the one of Jack

Meggan said...

I love when you post. I always watch to see what you will say next. I love the pictures :)

Somer Love said...

love the pic of Jack and his pound puppy!!