15 March 2008

100 Things

OK so some of the people on the cf messageboard posted 100 things.
I thought I would put mine here, seemed like a great blog idea.

0. Jack isn't really my name, but it is the name of my dog.
1. I am paranoid about Internet anonymity.
2. I wrote #43 first in this list, I did the entire list completely in random.
3. My wife is my greatest asset against CF.
4. I have won awards for poetry.
5. CF has killed 3 people in my family. I am the lone survivor by many years.
6. I love slippers. Sometimes I wear them for the day, everywhere.
7. I'm a Mormon.
8. I once rebuilt a Volkswagen Rabbit (Diesel) Transmission.
9. I NEVER NEVER NEVER forward messages that say "Forward to everyone." I hate them.
10. I was taught to hide my feelings.
11. Currently I am reading 3 books.
12. My wife calls me Frank and I call her Francene.
13. Frank isn't my name and Francene isn't my wife's name.
14. I love reading National Geographic, its the only magazine that I keep all my issues.
15. My biggest hospital pet peeve is people not knocking and just walking in. "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you knock..."
16. I was a Lifeguard during High School.
17. I still feel guilty about what my family missed out on because of my CF.
18. I always wanted to write a book.
19. I remember every detail of my younger sisters viewing... I was 6 years old.
20. I am exceptional at what I do, and I know it!
21. I believe in freedom of choice.
22. I drink Mountain Dew almost constantly.
23. I prefer to watch oriental kung fu movies in the original language, with english subtitles.
24. I discern people very quickly, it's a gift.
25. I never judge people, its different than #24, look it up.
26. I had to quit snowboarding because of CF, I hate it.
27. I get more like "Monk" as I get older with CF (Germiphobe.)
28. I am a terrible driver, and I know it.
29. I have read more than 1000 books since I was 14.
30. My Arthritis hurts every day. I ignore it.
31. I volunteered at the local children's hospital for almost 10 years, beginning at age 12.
32. I have read the entire King James Version of the Bible, Old and New Testaments.
33. I feel guilty for still being alive more often than I should.
34. I have serious OCD, but it never keeps me from sleeping.
35. I have serious OCD, but not many people know it. I constantly count things.
36. I think that man in general is very arrogant to think that he can destroy the earth. In reality he will destroy himself long before the earth is destroyed.
37. I believe that a boy of 14 saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in 1820 (see #7.)
38. I use music as a coping tool, it "calms the savage beast" as they say.
39. I don't sleep more than a few hours at a time, even at night I wake up at least 3-4 times each night.
40. I collect Music Videos online, I have over 800.
41. I often wonder why I am still alive.
42. I use commas gratuitously.
43. I am frequently under-estimated.
44. I can have a commanding presence in spite of my size.
45. I did photography as a hobby and loved it.
46. I did photography for a living and hated it.
47. I have been 5' 3" since high school.
48. Being short is not from my CF, but from my mother.
49. My schooling is in Psychology and I run websites for a living.
50. I am way more satisfied with myself than I should be.
51. I quit counting near death experiences after the 10th time.
52. My most recent near death experience was in December 2005.
53. I had to quit skateboarding because of CF. I hate it.
54. I seek out deadlines.
55. As a kid I lived on Twinkies and Milkshakes frequently.
56. I can't eat Twinkies anymore.
57. I sing in my car whenever I am driving.
58. I never planned on getting married.
59. The first time I saw my wife I knew I was going to marry her.
60. I don't believe I'm worth the amount of money my drugs cost.
61. I wish I could do more to inspire younger kids with CF.
62. I have won awards for photography.
63. My wife is very "expressive" of her opinion. I LOVE that about her.
64. CF has limited my career.
65. My wife is paranoid about me dying, and I guess rightfully so.
66. I love the vampire genre, I think it has to do with the idea of living forever.
67. I'm not as geek as most of my co-workers.
68. My "Mountain Dew" gut bothers me more than I thought it would.
69. My ancestors died in Illinois and Missouri in the 1840's because of what they believed in.
70. I am a history junkie (as evidenced by my job at footnote.com.)
71. My brother has done many things that I would have done had I not been born with CF.
72. Patience is my second greatest asset against CF.
73. I believe in consequences for our actions.
74. I sometimes wish people would receive their consequences immediately.
75. I'm a lot older than I ever expected to be, since I got my wife, I'm glad about that.
76. I miss my friends with CF, most have died.
77. I love eating dry Cheerios with a can of Coke.
78. My work requires crazy hours and occasional 30-40 hour days... and I love it.
79. The best thing I learned in college was how to juggle.
80. I consider that I have 2 full-time jobs, CF and footnote.com.
81. I feel bad for dragging my wife into life with CF, but I am glad she is with me.
82. I sleep the best with loud heavy metal music playing on my ipod (this works esp. well in the hospital.)
83. I had to quit waterskiing because of CF. I hate it.
84. I love to stay up and talk with my wife for hours on end.
85. Apple Computers! Not only stylish, but UNIX.
86. I love the east, Japan, Korea, China. I especially love the food and the history.
87. I have 5 year range goals.
88. I love snug harbor (in New Orleans, look it up.)
89. I know the meaning of life, but you probably don't believe me.
90. Most of my growing up lessons I learned from Grandma and Grandpa who took care of me quite a bit, while mom and dad were trying to afford me.
91. I spent every Christmas holiday between age 12 and 21 in the hospital so that I didn't have to miss school.
92. I spend a lot of time just thinking about things.
93. I believe Caffeine helps people with CF.
94. My parents used this phrase too often for me. "We never thought you could do it."
95. Sometimes I get so tired of CF I think that death might not be so bad.
96. The day I no longer work full-time will probably be the second saddest day of my life.
97. My favorite birthday was my 30th... we had a huge luau with all sorts of people from my past.
98. I am glad we are all different
99. I think more lists should be zero based.


katie said...

i love getting to know you more and more. I am glad that J choose the journey too. We can't wait to see you

Lauren said...

I still think your list is great! The similarities between us are uncanny. Just goes to show that CFers RAWK!

Jamie said...

You have an obvious sense of humor! You sound like a really great person.I agreed with almost all your questions...especially Caffeine and cystic fibrosis! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your Simpson's character of....you? What a great profile pic.

It's great to read your words proclaiming your faith in our great Prophet Joseph Smith!! I had a spiritual experience regarding him the day before I was put on a ventilator...I think the vail was very thin.